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Family Rides

Burton Brothers Amusements carries a variety of Family Rides which are designed for the entire family to enjoy. Rides such as the Bear Affair allow riders to sit together and also control the speed of their ride! Check out what we have to offer.

> Americana Carousel
> Bear Affair

The Bear Affair features four oversized teddy bears that you can spin and sit in.  Great fun and a very attractive ride for the little ones!  The best part is that Mom and Dad can ride along too!

> Construction Zone

Kids can choose their own child sized construction rig to ride on.  Mom and dad can ride too!

> Grand Carousel

The Carousel features two rows of beautiful horses that gallop in a circle!

> Jumping Jumbos

Kids will love to fly their own friendly elephant!  As the ride spins, the elephant lifts off the ground with the control of a lever inside each elephant!

> Mansion of Mayhem

Step inside the Mansion of Mayhem, our very own haunted mansion.  Families will be spooked by the various mechanical props and scenes inside. 

> Rockin Tug

The Rockin Tug rocks back and forth and rotates as it rocks giving riders the feeling of boating on high seas!  This attraction isnt just for kids, its fun for mom and dad too!

> Super Slide

The Super Slide is a four hump slide that kids ride down in burlap sacks.

> Wacky Shack

The Wacky Shack is a one story fun house complete with plenty of tricks and gaffs including moving walkways, trick mirrors, sound effects, and a spinning barrel.

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