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Kiddie Rides

Burton Brothers Amusements has a wide variety of rides geared for the little ones. Rides designed with cute characters and vibrant colors facilitate a childs imagination and make for a fun day at the carnival!

> Castle Mania

Kids love exploring the castle!  On their journey, they will encounter hidden staircases, a ball pit, a bridge, and a hidden slide!

> Dragon Wagon

Hold on tight, the Dragon Wagon kiddie coaster whisks riders around the track as it goes up and down small hills and tight turns.

> Dry Boats

Ships Ahoy!  Kids love being the captain of their own miniature boat.

> Moon Bounce

What kid doesnt like to jump?  Kids love jumping on this giant air inflated pillow.

> Obstacle Course

This giant inflatable obstacle course features three attractions in one including slides, tunnels, and other obstacles!

> Pony Cart

The Pony Cart is a classic kiddie ride that lets kids race their own horse around a circuls track.

> Raiders

Let your adventure begin on the RAIDERS! The Raiders is a multi level obstacle course featuring over 10 fun elements including punching bags, a cargo net climb, rubber band maze, inflatable slide, two long suspension bridges, and a 45ft long covered slide into a air pillow.

> Sky Fighter

The Sky Fighter is a classic kiddy ride in which riders fly around in a circle while the vehicle raises and lowers.

> Super Trucks

Kids get to drive their own big rig around a oval shaped track.  Kids will love the brightly colored semi trucks!

> Titanic Slide

The Titanic Slide is a giant inflatable in which kids crawl up the middle and slide down either side of the ship''s deck.

> Umbrella Combo 1

Kids can choose to ride on either of the kid sized, metallic vehicles.

> Umbrella Combo 2

Kids have a choice of several different style vehicles.

> Wet Boats

The Wet Boats is a classic childrens ride in which children can piolt their own boat around a water filled circular trough.

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