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Major Rides

Burton Brothers Amusements carries a wide selection of big rides, geared for teenagers and thrill seekers. Rides such as the Gravitron and Scrambler have become instant favorites on our midways.

> Aces High

Riders stand against the wall and as the ride begins to rotate, they are held against the wall by force.  As force takes over, the ride lifts in the air on an angle for maximum thrill!

> Gravitron

> Himalaya
> Octopus

The Octopus is a classic ride built by Eyerly Aircraft Company in the 1950s.  As the ride rotates, the free spinning tubs spin as the ocopus arms raise and fall.

> Scrambler

The Scrambler is a classic spinning machine that twirls riders in circles using two different motions!

> Spin Out

Riders can control the speed of their ride by spinning their cages fast or slow!  As the ride begins to rotate, the free swinging cages swing out.

> Swinger

The Swinger is a classic family attraction that everyone can enjoy.  As the ride begins to rotate, the swings swing outward.  Guests will enjoy the added sceenery and LED lighting, which is unique to our Swinger.

> Tilt-a-Whirl

The Tilt-A-Whirl is a traditional mainstay that is still loved across the country.  Featuring off-center spinning, whipping going up and down hills, triple spin motion.

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